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Branding + Website


Whitefox Defense Technologies is a company focused on helping secure the skies from unauthorized drones. We worked with the Whitefox team to help craft their brand across multiple mediums. Read below to learn more about the project!


WhiteFox Defense Technologies Inc.



Service Offered:

Print + Branding + Presentation + Website

project brief

Whitefox wanted their brand to portray safety, security, seriousness, minimalism, bold, intentional, and trust. We decided to use a clean cut color scheme and style that didn't have superficial embellishments but rather focused on their value propositions. Keeping the brand shapes sharp and geometric illustrates the companies value on accuracy and flawless execution. Whitefox's main clients are first responders and those in the military and government. We wanted to bring have their brand relate to this customer base and resonate with their values.


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