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Branding + Website

Revenue Labs

Revenue Labs came to us looking to get branding done for their marketing startup. We started by crafting a logo that would tell their story. They wanted to create a simple logo that would look great across all mediums. This means retaining its distinguished and identifiable characteristics when on something as small as a business card, as well larger such as on the front of their building. They wanted to have a brand that represents their professionalism as well as their friendliness. It was necessary to keep the logo clean cut and grown up. To learn more about our choice of logo for Revenue Labs, scroll down!


Revenue Labs Inc.



Service Offered:

Branding (Logo design, color palette, typography) and Wed Design (home page with icons and imagery)

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Website Design


We also had the pleasure of designing the home page of Revenue Labs new website.  We brought across the elements of the branding we had previously worked on, keeping a consistent feel or the site.  The main focus of their site is to be a content provider through their blog posts and articles.  They want to be the place that medical practice owners go to for advice and consultancy on marketing.  Their content is intended to drive visitor conversions to create new clients for their marketing services.

To get this point across, we get the Hero Section simplistic and too the point with a straight forward Value Proposition as the Header, and extra details in the Subheader.  A simple Call To Action catches the attention of the visitor immediately with it's accented color.

We placed the blog thumbnails as the first section as that's the companies main focus for customer acquisition.  Next was a simple mission statement followed by customer reviews that help to visitors get to know the company on a more personal level.  A simple contact form with pictures of the current Revenue Labs team adds more personality and a feeling of "familiarity".

Completing the page is a footer with further available actions such as visiting and engaging with the company on social media or signing up for their email mailing list.  It also includes basic information about the company and how to reach out directly.



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