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App Design


Point needed to redesign their Iphone app to improve both useability and aesthetics. After market research and thorough customer development, we came up with just that.





Service Offered:

Redesign of their current iOS App.

project brief

The Point app aims to bring people together in the here and now. They hope to eliminate the "fear of missing out" by allowing users to see whats happening around them and what their friends are up to. We worked with them to help refine their branding and revamp their Ios app UX/UI. We worked with the Point team and it's users to ensure a smooth onboarding process. It was crucial there be as little friction as possible in the "Posting" process as Point is only as valuable as the content posted by it's users. Next, we focused on the exploration feature set - focusing on their event mapping feature. From there, we worked on alternative event views, such as the posts from "friends" or 'Points' that were "Trending". The tiling design we used ensures easy 'thumbability' and relays the important event info in a glance, with the background giving a hint at the events scenery.


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